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Why Doesn't This Herb Work: Learning Your Constitution for Finding Herbs That Work

Co-op Community Calendar

Experts from the community provide educational classes and lectures to adults and children throughout the Litchfield area each year. They share their knowledge about herbalism, cooking techniques, meal planning, homeopathy, fermentation, cheese making, the health benefits of tea, tincture and hand salve making to name a few of our members and customer favorites. All of our classes are listed below and available for purchase through our website, facebook and in store.

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Why Doesn't This Herb Work: Learning Your Constitution for Finding Herbs That Work

Monday April 15th 6-7:00pm
Natural Food Coop in Litchfield, MN

Ever wondered why when you take an herb or a supplement and its supposed to cure all your ailments and then ends up doing nothing or actually making things worse. Wonder no more! Come for the evening to learn what's going on in your body and finding the right things that will help your specific ailments. Asian Ginseng for instance is a very stimulating herb that someone who has low energy might be prompted to take. However, if someone has been suffering low energy from overwork taking asian ginseng would be adding more fuel to the fire further depleting their reserves. A better option would be more restorative and tonic herbs that work on building nutritional and energy stores so the body can naturally build back its reserves. Taught by Katharine Ostrowski of Urban Nettle.      

Cost: $10 member / $12 non member

Earlier Event: February 25
Kefir & Villi Culture Magic