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Litchfield, MN, 55355

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Navigating Herbal Pain Relief

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Experts from the community provide educational classes and lectures to adults and children throughout the Litchfield area each year. They share their knowledge about herbalism, cooking techniques, meal planning, homeopathy, fermentation, cheese making, the health benefits of tea, tincture and hand salve making to name a few of our members and customer favorites. All of our current classes available for purchase are listed below.

Navigating Herbal Pain Relief


Navigating Herbal Pain Relief

from 10.00

Finding the right herb for your specific twinge or pang is sometimes daunting. Join herbalist Katharine Ostrowski of Urban Nettle and gain an understanding of various local and exotic herbs that can help provide relief. Because specific herbs are more suited to certain types of pain, we’ll cover the various herbs that are suited to symptoms described as dull, sharp and shooting, full on fibromyalgia and more. We’ll also go around and hone in on participants specific ailments to pinpoint what herbs would be best suited for their pain. 

When: Monday January 21st 6-7:00pm

Where: Natural Food Co-op

Cost: $15 member/ $17 non-member


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