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230 Sibley Ave N Sibley Ave
Litchfield, MN, 55355

(320) 693-7539

Salad Dressing 101 w/ Aimee of rebelSoil

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Experts from the community provide educational classes and lectures to adults and children throughout the Litchfield area each year. They share their knowledge about herbalism, cooking techniques, meal planning, homeopathy, fermentation, cheese making, the health benefits of tea, tincture and hand salve making to name a few of our members and customer favorites. All of our current classes available for purchase are listed below.

Salad Dressing 101 w/ Aimee of rebelSoil


Salad Dressing 101 w/ Aimee of rebelSoil

from 15.00

If you're like me, salads are way more satisfying when they're tossed in a dressing that's made at home from ingredients I love. Some days a classic ranch is perfect and other days that vinegar bite is all I crave. At our farm we try to eat a salad a day and if we had to use the same-old same-old all the time, well, life would get pretty boring. There's no need to stock the full gamut of store-bought dressings to keep your salads exciting-open up the pantry and whip one up! Join me to get some salad-season inspiration and learn how easy it is to make your salad sauce fit the day, the season, and the budget. Hands-on time guaranteed. Recipes and a dressing to take home included!

Thursday June 27th


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