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NFC Blog

First Annual Clothes Swap

NaturalFood Co-op

As we bundle up and slide into hibernation mode it can be hard to find the time, or the motivation, to clean house. To combat the coming winter blues, and to tidy up those stressful closets, the NFC hosted its first annual clothes swap! Patrons, employees, and friends of the Co-op brought shoes, purses, bottoms, tops, coats, and swimsuits throughout the week and Saturday morning. All the donations filled up six tables and two hanging racks, as well as copious amounts of shoes, boots, bags, and jewelry.

The backroom was transformed into a mini market of free, clean, and beautiful clothing and accessories. Organized by size then clothing type, there was something to fit every shape and please every taste. The “box room” where we typically store recyclables was converted into a comfortable changing room with mirror. Swappers enjoyed samples of the teas and coffee sold at the NFC as they searched for treasures. Everyone was encouraged to enter the NFC Gift Certificate drawing. The good company, hot tea, and scent of strong coffee warmed the hearts and lifted the spirits on such a cold Saturday.

All garb was free and limitless to take. Boxes and bags were provided for the swappers. Everything that was left at the end of the was boxed up and brought to Non-profit second hand stores. Motivation for the community to clean and get out of the house, tons of new products for the second hand stores, and a fantastic day for the Co-op. Everyone at the NFC was so excited to be a part of this first annual event and we look forward to seeing you next year!

Cream Line Milk, Paying For Quality

NaturalFood Co-op

Milk, Paying for Quality

Pasteurized but non-homogenized, cream line milk is worth the price because it is a higher quality product! It is clean, nutritious, and natural. Homogenization is a process that permanently mixes the cream into the milk using high pressure. This is damaging for the flavor and nutritional content of the milk. By processing the milk without homogenization you preserve the flavor because you’re not destroying the natural state of the milk. There is really only one “con” to cream line milk, and that is the natural separation between the milk and the cream content. A quick fix to this is to give the bottle a gentle shake before opening.

Xanthine Oxidase is another concern when it comes to consuming homogenized dairy. It is an enzyme that scars arteries when it enters the bloodstream and eventually causes a buildup of cholesterol. When milk is homogenized this enzyme is released. Non-homogenized milk does contain Xanthine Oxidase, but allows it to pass through the body naturally and release without causing excess scar tissue or cholesterol buildup- making cream line milk the healthier choice.

Not only does our milk offer all the benefits non-homogenized dairy has to offer, it is packaged in glass! Why would you ruin a high quality product with low quality packaging? So, what are the benefits of glass bottles? Firstly they preserve the natural flavor of the dairy, there is no intermingling of a “plastic” taste that automatically wrecks a high quality milk. Secondly, with glass you do not have the BPA concerns that plastic packaging carry. Don’t risk contamination, chose glass and reap of the benefits of healthier, better tasting dairy!

When you purchase organic, non-homogenized, glass bottle milk at the Natural Food Co-op in downtown Litchfield, you are investing in healthier, better tasting, and the highest quality milk.


CBD Class, Urban Nettle

NaturalFood Co-op

September 2018

Monday night patrons of the Natural Food Co-op enjoyed an evening class on the benefits and usage of CBD oil, lead by herbalist Katharine Ostrowski of UrbaNettle. The 17 attendees took a moment to briefly introduce themselves and explain what attracted them to the class. Katharine started off with a much more balanced view of this oil, often viewed and marketed as a “cure all”. She explained that although CBD has numerous benefits it will not have the same effects for everyone. One person may discover excellent results and gain many health improvements, whereas another user may experience no change. Her transparency on her own preferences, usage, and reiteration to the class to do their own research, to make up their own minds, was refreshing. Your best health is a journey only you can go on, and Katharine is a fantastic guide and educator. 

On the topic of research and the importance of, Katharine stressed the alarming variability found in many CBD oils on the market. It is a hot item and some unreliable companies with minimal ethics towards consumers are tapping into its boundless popularity. She recommended finding companies that value transparency, provide print-outs on ingredients, have third party testing, that are grown in the United States, and have been peer reviewed. Ostrowski proved herself a meticulous researcher with a page and a half of cited sources on the back of the paper provided for the class. 

Unlike recreational marijuana, CBD does not contain enough THC to give the user a high. Katharine put the .3% of THC commonly found in hemp products into perspective with this illustration: you cannot get a high from a poppy seed muffin, but it may show up on a drug test. So although trace amounts of THC can be found in your system, and discretion should be used if your workplace performs strict drug testing, you will not get a high from the products. 

As an attendee I highly recommend not only signing up for future classes on CBD, but also ones offered by Katharine. She encourages and values participation, critical thinking, additional research, and a balanced view of the products. The atmosphere supported a sense of community among those seeking help with chronic pain and furthered the spirit of investigation for all. 

Offered at the NFC are several price points, forms, and brands of organic CBD products. Customers can chose liquid formulas (both isolated CBD and full spectrum), even one specifically formulated for pets, tablets, lozenges, and salves. If you are suffering from sleep problems, insomnia, or chronic pain, CBD oil may be a good choice for you. But in spirit of Katharine, do research, dig into companies, and prove to yourself what is the best producer and product. Best wishes on your best health journey from all of us at the NFC. 

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