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First Annual Clothes Swap

NaturalFood Co-op

As we bundle up and slide into hibernation mode it can be hard to find the time, or the motivation, to clean house. To combat the coming winter blues, and to tidy up those stressful closets, the NFC hosted its first annual clothes swap! Patrons, employees, and friends of the Co-op brought shoes, purses, bottoms, tops, coats, and swimsuits throughout the week and Saturday morning. All the donations filled up six tables and two hanging racks, as well as copious amounts of shoes, boots, bags, and jewelry.

The backroom was transformed into a mini market of free, clean, and beautiful clothing and accessories. Organized by size then clothing type, there was something to fit every shape and please every taste. The “box room” where we typically store recyclables was converted into a comfortable changing room with mirror. Swappers enjoyed samples of the teas and coffee sold at the NFC as they searched for treasures. Everyone was encouraged to enter the NFC Gift Certificate drawing. The good company, hot tea, and scent of strong coffee warmed the hearts and lifted the spirits on such a cold Saturday.

All garb was free and limitless to take. Boxes and bags were provided for the swappers. Everything that was left at the end of the was boxed up and brought to Non-profit second hand stores. Motivation for the community to clean and get out of the house, tons of new products for the second hand stores, and a fantastic day for the Co-op. Everyone at the NFC was so excited to be a part of this first annual event and we look forward to seeing you next year!